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Himalayan Salt Lamps,✨Computers,✨and Your Health✨✨✨

Most of us spend a lot of time close to our computers 💻and we also have other electronic devices such as mobile phones📱, cameras📸, television sets📺, transformers☢️, video game consoles🎮, printers🖨️, and more. All these devices spread radiation☢️ all around us. We all know being exposed to radiation☢️, no matter the amount, is harmful to our health☹️. ✨

We are surrounded by positive and negative ions every day😲. Positive ions are created by electronic devices and have been dubbed ‘electronic air pollution☹️. They can cause health problems such as allergies, stress, and insomnia☹️. ✨

In the above picture on the right of that computer is a "Himalayan Salt Lamp"😄. These salt lamps are made of pure Himalayan salt, also known as the ‘Vitamins of the Air😄. They are made from the salt that came from ancient oceans😄.✨

Salt lamps work by emitting negative ions😄. The salt crystals, combined with the light source from the bulb💡, produce negative ions😄, which act as neutralizers to the positive ions😄. This results in a cleansing effect on the air in a room and can cancel out those health problems.😄✨

Pink Himalayan salt lamps are known to remove pollen, dust, germs, etc. from the air😄. I encourage you to consider using one of these beautiful Himalayan salt lamps close to your computer, and even by your bedside.😄 Clean air can relieve you of many health problems and promote good health and well-being😄.✨You can purchase authentic Himalayan pink salt lamps at Natural Living by Design. ✨


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