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Natural Living by Design, proudly presents our very own Women's Energy Balance* liquid supplement. Available on our website, Palmer Park Farmer's Market on Wednesday's throughout the summer and various vending events around town.

This powerful 💥 herbal supplement is a welcome addition to your healthy daily routine.

Women's Energy Balance, 1 fl oz

Women's Energy Balance combines powerful and unique proprietary blend of traditional herbs to promote energy, stamina, mental clarity and an increased resistance to day to day stress. Let's take a peek inside - shall we?

Women's Energy Balance Includes an impressive array of herbs:

  • Dong quai root, (aka Angelica sinensis ) or “female ginseng” - used to nurture women's health in Traditional Chinese Medicine for over 1,000 years. Regulates Hormones, Menopause, Hormone Replacement; Estrogen Hormone Balance.

  • Ashwagandha root, (aka Withania somnifera) used to promote balance of the body's systems and an increased resistance to stress, fatigue, and immune deficiencies (auto-immune disorders)

  • Damiana leaf, (aka Turnera aphrodisiaca, UrB) Used as an Aphrodisiac, Sexual Rejuvenator to relieve impotency in men and frigidity in women. Helps restore nerve control of body extremities (arms, hands, legs, feet; head). Also used as a stimulant, laxative and relaxant by Central and South American natives.

  • Gotu kola leaf, (aka Centella asiatica) popular in Ayurvedic medicine. This impressive herb promotes circulation, a boost in energy, enhanced cognitive function and an increased resistance to daily stress. Great for memory, blood cleaner, high blood pressure, mental depression, reduction of brain fatigue, scaly skin and baffling 😮disorders.

  • Ginkgo leaf, (aka Ginko biloba) used to promote healthy circulation and enhanced cognitive function, including mental sharpness, memory and Alzheimer's Syndrome Helps recovery from Tinnitus, and Eats Free Radical Poisons.

  • Chaste tree berry, (aka Vitex agnus-castus) Acts as an Adaptogen. Handles many conditions and provides what's needed during menopause, premenstrual symptoms also quiets sexual desire. Used extensively in ancient Greek medicine to support female reproductive health.

  • American ginseng root (aka Panax quinquefolius) commonly used to increase energy, vigor and vitality. It also helps build resistance to illness and strengthens mood, stamina and the body's ability to adapt to environmental stresses.

Now you know why this is a product we can stand behind. As Women Owned Business Owners, we need that extra energy and stamina to keep up with the balancing demands of work and family life. 👪 Get yours Today!

*Disclaimer: This product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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