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About Us

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How many people do you know that have shared a story of health challenges that has changed their quality of life? Well, our family has truly had their share of health challenges, from being active and healthy to bedridden and prescribed a ton of medications. We knew this was not a natural way of living; as a result, Natural Living by Design II, was born.

Using natural products on our body and restoring health naturally is our passion and why Natural Living by Design provides quality products that works. 

Natural Living by Design II was established in 2019, to help people maintain a healthy, happy lifestyle naturally by providing natural and healthy products that are innovative and will improve one's journey to optimum health. 


We are a certified 3 female family-owned supplier of natural deodorant mist sprays and liquid herbal extract supplements in the City of Detroit. 

We believe that maintaining a healthy, happy lifestyle naturally leads to longevity and ultimately living life, naturally by design. 


Our mission is twofold:


1) We are committed to providing our customers with great customer service, on time deliveries, the BEST innovative quality natural products that are proven to be a safe alternative and complementary solution to helping  people get in the best optimum health possible naturally. 


2) We plan to open a factory and  create jobs in the city of Detroit. Detroit is one of the cities that lead the nation in poverty, crime, murder, gun violence, and recidivism. We are confident that our quality products will be the catalyst to providing great job opportunities with good wages to the citizens of Detroit so that they can take care of their families with pride and  dignity.

Let’s Work Together

17910 Van Dyke St, Suite 1203

Detroit, MI 48234

Tel: 1800-796-2829

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